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Markup Overview of Txt2Tags

Txt2tags is a document generator. It reads a text file with minimal markup such as **bold** and //italic// and converts it to many formats.
Here Txt2Tags is used for converting the markup to XHTML.

Beautifiers What you type HTML tags
Bold **words** <b> words </b>
Italic //words// <i> words </i>
Underline __words__ <u> words </u>
Strike --words-- <s> words </s>
Monospaced ``words`` <code> words </code>
Raw text ""words"" words (not interpreted)
Tagged text ''words'' words (used to insert HTML code)
List Marks What you type HTML tags
List - words <ul> <li> item </li> </ul>
Numbered list + words <ol> <li> item </li> </ol>
Definition list : words <dl> <dt> tag </dt> <dd> descr </dd> </dl>
Line Marks What you type HTML tags
Comment line % comments empty
Verbatim line ``` words <pre> words </pre>
Raw line """ words words (not interpreted)
Tagged line ''' words words (used to insert HTML code)
Text Area Marks What you type HTML tags
Comment area %%%
Verbatim area ```
<pre> lines </pre>
Raw area """
lines (not interpreted)
Tagged area '''
lines (used to insert HTML code)
Various Marks What you type HTML tags
Paragraph words <p> words </p>
Quote <TAB>words <blockquote> words </blockquote>
Separator line ------------... <hr noshade="" size="1">
Strong line ============... <hr noshade="" size="5">
Anchor == title == [anchor] <a name="my_anchor"></a> <h2> title </h2>
Table | cell1 | cell2 | cell3... <table> <tr> <th> Header </th> </tr> <tr> <td> Data </td> </table>
Title == words == <h2> words </h2>
Numbered title ++ words ++ <h2> 1. words </h2>
Links [label url] <a href="url"> label </a>
Image [filename.jpg] <img align="middle" src="filename.jpg" border="0" alt="">

General Rules:

Example 1

Text centered using table mark | with leading space.

Example 2

Drawing a line by typing ----------------------.
With the stylesheet you define the style of the line (color, thickness).

Special lines can be inserted using HTML code.

If you type this: ''' <hr style="height: 10px; width: auto; color: red; border: 5px solid red; " > You get this:

Example 3

In order to process the last line of content-files and template files, it must be ended with a "Newline"!!

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